Hi Tracey,
I would like to thank you for having such a positive impact on my life. Literally every time I stop to think I always think about you, your advises and continually trying to improve me. Needless to say, you have even elevated my thinking. Your charismatic personality and always going out of your own way to help me is very appreciated, and I have become more happier since we started to speak.
At the end of our video call last week I thought wow, Tracey is really marvellous, how can she know that about me, so quick!”
You are really a great person and mentor Tracey. I have met and connected with some Business Science alumni now working and they all attribute to you their successes. They are always using you as a reference, “Tracey helped me to do this and this”, or “I spoke to Tracey and this is what happened..” etc. I always wondered how one person can be spoken of so highly and literally be attributed to successes. Now I understand why, and I am so glad *** introduced me to you. Being introduced to you is definitely my highlight of the year and nothing comes close. That shows how highly I think of you. I am blessed. Thank you.
Tracey, I got an offer from *** for their deal advisory role. On the face value of it, and looking at it vs the *** offer, it does not look like an attractive offer. As I mentioned that both my parents are self-employed), I do not know how I could even justify to them why I took the *** offer. Is there any other way I could look at the offer?
Thank you Tracey.

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